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About us

About Three Thinkers

At Three Thinkers, we not only provide potential resources for your organisation but we understand the importance of employee happiness to your organisation. Hence, we work hard to find right resources for your organisation who will fit well while offering tremendous satisfaction to themselves as well as achieving your work objectives. We believe that employees who are happy at work are considered to be more motivated and engaged to their workplace leading to greater productivity.

At the same time, we also assist those who are feeling less engaged with their current role and would like to explore new career opportunities and challenges. Let us assist you in locating a job that you want.

Three Thinkers would like to see you happy and be prosperous. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Three Thinkers can help you
  • By finding highly skilled employees on your behalf. Looking for a right resource can be a time consuming and costly experience.
  • By finding a new job by using our wide range of contacts. We understand that finding a new job can be a frustrating experience. We are here to help!

Three Thinkers team work collectively to access your hiring requirements before the commencement of candidate search. The same principal applies if you are looking for a new job. Every new request is accepted as a team challenge which we feel pride to work through to get the best outcome for you. Finding a right job or a right person goes beyond checking boxes to get a result.

Three Thinkers Mission Statement

Candidates and organisation to have trust in us by providing exceptional level of service resulting in long lasting relationships.

Three Thinkers Philosophy
  • Three Thinkers believe the greatest sign of respect is telling truth to their clients and not wasting their time.
  • Three Thinkers believe in establishing long lasting relationships.
  • Three Thinkers believe in taking manageable steps to deliver capabilities / solutions while maintaining focus on the end deliverable.